Lizzo, the Grammy-winning singer and rapper, has been dropped from the list of potential performers for the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show, following a lawsuit filed by three of her former dancers who accused her of sexual harassment, discrimination, and creating a hostile work environment. The shocking allegations have tarnished Lizzo’s reputation and put her career in jeopardy, as her team scrambles to “save her sinking ship”.

According to the Daily Mail, an NFL insider revealed that Lizzo was one of the front-runners for the Halftime Show, which will take place in Las Vegas in February 2024. However, after the lawsuit became public, the NFL decided to “immediately drop” her from consideration. “Talks of Lizzo being a part of the Halftime festivities, or performing the National Anthem, are dead now that she is surrounded by scandal,” the source said.The lawsuit, filed by Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, claims that Lizzo subjected them to unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate touching, verbal abuse, and weight-shaming during their employment as her backup dancers. They also allege that Lizzo fired them after they recorded a meeting “because of a health condition” and replaced them with thinner dancers.

Lizzo has denied the allegations in a statement, saying that they are “unbelievable” and “sensationalized”. She said that she had to make “hard decisions” but never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable or unvalued. She also said that she is very open with her sexuality and expression, but would never use that to make her out to be something she is not. She added that she takes the respect of women very seriously and knows what it feels like to be body-shamed.

However, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Neama Rahmani, president of West Coast Employment Lawyers, said that he is ready to take Lizzo to trial and that more witnesses have come forward to corroborate his clients’ claims. “Given Lizzo is denying that any of this happened, let’s take it to trial,” he said. “More witnesses are coming forward every day corroborating the plaintiffs’ allegations, so we’re looking forward to facing Lizzo and her team in court.”The lawsuit has caused a backlash against Lizzo on social media and in the music industry. 

According to a music industry source quoted by the Daily Mail, Lizzo’s career is facing a “desperate struggle” to survive and her reputation is damaged beyond repair. “Lizzo has raked in a massive amount of money but her minute is pretty much up it seems and no one knows if she will be able to recover from this,” the source said. “If she speaks out, her statements are shredded. If she stays quiet, she is called a coward. Either way, it does not appear at this moment that she can recover from this.”

Lizzo has hired Marty Singer, a high-powered attorney who has represented celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby, and Ricky Martin in crisis situations, to defend her in the lawsuit. However, it remains to be seen if he can salvage her image and career from this scandal.

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