The Power star’s attorney says the radio host who got hit in the head by a dead microphone that 50 Cent tossed off stage in LA last night was not a deliberate target.

“My client Curtis never meant to hit anyone with a microphone,” Scott Leemon tells Deadline of the incident that injured Power 106 host Bryhana Monegain at Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s Arena show on August 30. “Anyone who says otherwise is misinformed and doesn’t have all the facts,’ the New York-based lawyer said.

The police are looking into a battery report filed after the incident, Deadline has learned. The LAPD are collecting information about what happened, a source in law enforcement says. There seems to be no question that 50 threw the mic and that Monegain was hit — but the motive and the intention are being investigated, I hear.

The incident left Monegain with deep cuts on her forehead, as shown by photos posted online after the show last night. But there seems to be some disagreement about how Monegain ended up where she did when the mic was thrown.

Video from last night clearly shows the “In Da Club” rapper annoyed with a microphone he had just gotten as YG was performing the song “Toot It and Boot It” on stage with him. This was apparently the fourth dead mic that 50 had dealt with during last night’s Final Lap tour date.

He threw the mic into the area right in front of the stage – not into the crowd. That area is where the fireworks and audio equipment are kept. It is not clear why Monegain was in that restricted area, and that is part of the investigation into what happened.

It is normal for shows like 50 Cent’s that only certified staff can access the area right in front of the stage for safety reasons that have nothing to do with mic tosses.

Jackson has not said anything about the incident yet. He is performing in Chula Vista tonight, with Irvine and Sacramento stops over the next week in a tour that goes to other places in the States and up to Canada, before heading over to Europe at the end of September.

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