A former teacher will go to federal prison for getting nude selfies from teens. He was caught when his husband was investigated for the same thing.

Charles Barrett, from San Francisco, got five years in prison and three years of supervision. His husband, Marc Nunez, a substitute teacher, got one year in prison.

Prosecutors said Barrett asked teen boys to send him nude pictures of themselves in 2013 and 2014. He got nine pictures from one boy who said he was 16, and one picture from another 16-year-old boy. Barrett also sent the second boy nude pictures of himself.

Prosecutors said one of the victims told police that Barrett came to Fresno to meet and abuse him. Police found out about Barrett and Nunez after they made another child pornographer tell them about others who liked child porn. They said there were 70 victims between the three men.

Barrett, who taught music at two schools, admitted to receiving child pornography. Nunez taught kindergarten at one of the schools.

Barrett has to start his sentence in October. He wrote a letter saying he was sorry and that he did it when he was depressed after leaving an abusive relationship.

He wrote, “I was in a dark period of my life when I did what I did. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone but that’s not an excuse for my actions. I now know how wrong I was and I’m very sorry and I will never do it again.”

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