In a recent episode of Club Shay Shay, a podcast hosted by former NFL player Shannon Sharpe, singer Chris Brown made some surprising revelations about his involvement in some of Rihanna’s songs. Brown, who dated Rihanna from 2008 to 2013, claimed that he wrote or co-wrote some of her hits, including “Disturbia”, “Don’t Stop the Music”, and “Umbrella”.

Brown said that he and Rihanna had a creative partnership that went beyond their romantic relationship. He said that they would often collaborate on songs, either in the studio or over the phone, and that he would help her with melodies, lyrics, and concepts. He also said that he was not credited for his work on some of her songs, because he wanted to keep it a secret or because he did not care about the royalties.

“I was just happy to be a part of her success, you know what I’m saying? She’s an amazing artist, and I respect her a lot. We had a lot of fun making music together, and I think it shows in the songs. They have a lot of energy and emotion,” Brown said.

Sharpe asked Brown why he decided to reveal this information now, after so many years. Brown said that he felt like it was time to tell the truth, and that he wanted to clear up some misconceptions about his relationship with Rihanna. He said that despite their tumultuous history, which included a domestic violence incident in 2009 that led to their breakup, they still have love and respect for each other.

“We’ve been through a lot, but we’ve also grown a lot. We’ve learned from our mistakes, and we’ve forgiven each other. We’re still friends, and we still support each other’s careers. I’m proud of everything she’s accomplished, and I know she’s proud of me too,” Brown said.

Brown also said that he hopes that his fans and Rihanna’s fans can appreciate their music without judging their personal lives. He said that he understands that some people may not like him or his actions, but he asked them to respect his artistry and his contribution to Rihanna’s songs.

“I’m not here to make excuses or to ask for sympathy. I’m here to share my story and my music. I think that’s what artists are supposed to do. And I hope that people can listen to the songs with an open mind and an open heart, and enjoy them for what they are: great music,” Brown said.

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