Snoop Dogg announces he is quitting weed — or at least, inhaling it.

“I’ve made this decision after talking to my family and thinking a lot,” the rapper, who is also known as Calvin Broadus, said to his 82.5 million fans on Instagram.

“Please don’t bother me about this.”

Some people may be surprised by the news — the rapper has always been honest about his weed habit, and even said he smoked in the White House. He has started several businesses related to marijuana, such as a media company called “Merry Jane” that covers pot, and a range of cannabis products.

He has also put money into Casa Verde Capital, a venture capital firm that funds cannabis businesses.

His weed passion has been in the news: The rapper said in 2019 that he had a full-time employee who only rolls his blunts. And in 2021, he said on Reddit that he smokes 81 times a day.

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