OpenAI, a company that amazed the world with its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, now seems to have gotten into trouble. The company dismissed its former CEO and AI leader, Sam Altman, who moved to Microsoft on Monday.

Emmett Shear became the new temporary CEO of OpenAI in one of the most shocking turns from Silicon Valley’s boardrooms.

Emmett Shear, the ex-CEO of Twitch, is now the new temporary CEO of OpenAI. Shear co-founded Twitch, which Amazon bought in 2014. He stayed as the chief executive of Twitch until March this year, where he spent about ten years transforming it from into the world’s best game streaming service.

Shear took over as the new temporary CEO from Mira Murati, who had the same role before in a management change. 

Shear was born in Seattle and befriended Justin Kan when he was 8, who later co-founded and Twitch with him. Shear graduated from Yale University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in computer science.

He then joined Y Combinator in 2005, where he created a calendar app called Kilo, and later became a part-time partner at the start-up accelerator in June 2011. He helped the new start-ups in each batch with his advice.

In June 2011, when split the gaming content into a separate brand and site, Shear took over as the CEO of the new company- Twitch.

Shear is also connected to the effective altruism movement, according to a Bloomberg report. The movement is doubtful about the dangers of AI and people in the movement have envisioned different situations in which AI could be used to inflict severe and widespread damage.

Shear said (as cited by the Wall Street Journal) about the chance of a hyper-intelligent AI escaping human control, “It’s like a bomb that destroys the universe…It’s worse than global warming.

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