An Amtrak train believed to be carrying more than 200 passengers crashed into a dump truck in rural Missouri on Monday, 3 dead and dozens injured, authorities said. Two among the people killed were on the train, and the other was in the truck, authorities said.

Around 12.42pm, it was said that the train hit a truck which was obstructing a public crossing while on route from Los Angeles to Chicago near Mendon, Mo. at about 100 miles northeast of Kansas City, Mo., Amtrak said.

Gov. Mike Parson of Missouri told reporters that it was a “terrible situation.”

Rob Nightingale said he was dozing off in his sleeper compartment when the lights flickered and the train rocked back and forth.

“It was like slow motion. Then all of a sudden I felt it tip my way. I saw the ground coming toward my window, and all the debris and dust,” Nightingale told The Associated Press. “Then it sat on its side and it was complete silence. I sat there and didn’t hear anything. Then I heard a little girl next door crying.”

He and other passengers climbed out the overturned train and weren’t hurt.

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