A Black Hawk helicopter crash was reported near Alabama on Wednesday afternoon and officials said that everyone on board was killed in the helicopter crash. The number of people on board the chopper was not confirmed yet. However, US military say that two people were on board the helicopter. CBS News reported that the helicopter belonged to the Tennessee National Guard and was out on a routine training mission. The UH-60 helicopter, popularly known as a Black Hawk, crashed around 3:30 pm local time near Huntsville, Alabama.

Huntsville Emergency Medical Services said in a statement that the helicopter crash occurred directly off northwest of Huntsville along Alabama Highway 53. The crash led to the chopper immediately burning upon impact. “We have no survivors,” Investigator Brent Patterson said. “We have a crime scene here. We have it taped off.” Videos of the helicopter crash showed a plume of black smoke rising hundreds of feet into the air on the side of the highway. Several emergency response vehicles gathered at the site of the crash.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office later confirmed that everyone on board the helicopter was killed in the crash, although the exact number has not been officially revealed yet. A Pentagon official confirmed to CBS News that the chopper that crashed today was a Black Hawk helicopter. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also reported that it was a military helicopter.

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