Johnson might be celebrating his victories but about 41% of his own MPs are really thinking about ways to oust him off; even though Johnson is pushing great policies such as better security, improving healthcare infrastructures, affordable housing and migitating every loophole that fosters illegal immigration; some folks are really not getting on the band-wagon with him.

 The Vote of confidence might have granted Johnson a coverage for 12 months and enforced loyalty to his terms but sources confirmed that some MPs are busy building their base and turning things up for the slightest opportunity to oust him or they might be waiting for the right time.

 Most likely, notable names like Jeremy Hunt seems to chair the movement against Johnson from the get-go; he might be influencing alot more that anyone knows to join his train while creating a questionable atmosphere for Johnson.

Johnson’s leadership can’t be challenged by the party for 12 months, based on the current rules, though his narrow margin of victory might mean that he still faces pressure to resign.

Johnson’s political troubles began last year, when allegations began to appear in the press about government and Conservative Party officials holding holiday parties. Johnson initially denied the allegations, telling the House of Commons he was “repeatedly assured” that “no Covid rules have been broken.” He also said he himself broke no Covid-19 rules. The Cabinet Office launched an investigation, at Johnson’s request.

Johnson’s rivalry are still on their game and the fight doesn’t seem to be over, there are more pitfalls been consciously laid along the way. The House of Commons’ Privileges Committee is investigating whether Johnson misled Parliament over Partygate.

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