Domino’s has closed the remaining 29 of its outlets in Italy, signaling the end for the American fast food chain in the country.

Entering the birthplace of pizza proved to be tough competition when they arrived in 2015.

Italy already has an estimated 63,000 pizzerias, according to an article published by Italy Segreta.

At the time, the American fast food giant operated 12,000 outlets worldwide.

Domino’s claimed they had an edge on the market share by offering delivery services, when many other Italian pizzerias did not.

However, that changed during the pandemic when more traditional establishments began offering their own delivery services.

Upon launch, the company had ambitious plans to open 880 outlets by 2030, also targeting the tourist market by opening stores in Rome, Milan, Bologna and Turin.

According to Bloomberg, who first reported the story, the growth of delivery apps such as JustEat and Deliveroo also put a dent in the company’s profit margins.

Domino’s currently dominates the UK fast food pizza market, opening its thousandth store in 2017.

ITV News has approached Domino’s Italy for comment.

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