After Amazon, Microsoft, and Twitter, McDonald’s has also joined the layoff bandwagon. On Friday, the fast food giant’s CEO Chris Kempczinski in a memo to employees said that it is planning to cut some of its corporate workforce. The CEO said, “We will evaluate roles and staffing levels in parts of the organisation and there will be difficult discussions and decisions ahead.” He added, “Certain initiatives will be de-prioritised or stopped altogether. This will help us move faster as an organisation, while reducing our global costs and freeing up resources to invest in our growth.”

Being a star during the pandemic, it’s time for the company to be more innovative and more efficient, the CEO said during an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday. 

Kempczinski also added that some of the existing jobs will either move or may go away.

He also said that he expects to save some money during the staff change, but doesn’t have a single dollar to slash or cut the jobs he is looking to.

McDonald’s says that it plans to communicate future staff structure by April 3. 

As per reports, the fast food giant had around 200,000 corporate staff and workers by the end of 2021. 

(With inputs from agencies)

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