A previously healthy 43-year-old nurse who suffered a catastrophic stroke while treating a patient has urged people to be aware of the symptoms.

Ian Donald-Salmon, a Macmillan cancer nurse from Northamptonshire, fell ill just hours after going to the gym, where it is suspected he tore an artery in his neck.

While doing a home visit with a patient, he managed to phone his husband Andrew Donald-Salmon and tell him he was having a stroke.

Andrew said: “He apologized to me for some reason and said ‘I’m sorry but I’ve had a funny turn at a patient’s house.’

“But that call literally just went into chaos.

“I could hear him slurring his words, it was almost like a tape slowing down and he was making no sense and I could just hear a lot of heavy breathing.

“It was just a chaotic call.”

Prompt action got Ian fast treatment, first at Stevenage’s Lister Hospital, then in London, maximising his chances of a good recovery.

Experts say every minute counts after a stroke and everyone should learn the signs.

Kathy Blythe of Stroke Association UK said: “One in five of us will have a stroke at some point in our lifetimes.

“Usually we associate a stroke with older people but it can strike anyone at any time.

“A quarter of strokes happen to people between the ages of 18 and 65.”

With help from family, friends and colleagues, Andrew and Ian are determined that he makes the best possible recovery.

However, Andrew feels Ian will need particular help regaining his speech.

Andrew said: “As we all know the NHS can be overstretched can’t they?

“So I just hope we can reach out to speech therapists or anybody else that can maybe direct, or give us exercises we can be working on that’s more specific to Ian and his needs.”

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