Middle East

Iran claims to have developed a Hypersonic Missile with top speeds of Mach 14 named “FATTAH”

Iran has announced that it has developed a hypersonic missile named Fattah, which can travel at 15 times the speed…

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US Vice President Kamala Harris calls Israel to ensure independence of its judiciary

As alliances shift, Blinken to hold talks with Gulf officials in Saudi

Five people are blamed by Lebanon for the murder of UN peacekeeper Sean Rooney.

Three Europeans, one from Denmark and two from Austria, are freed by Iran.

Despite Erdogan’s victory, Istanbul students defy ban and protest

Saudi Architect Marries Jordanian Crown Prince in extravagant event

Iraq national killed in Ukraine while fighting for Russia’s Wagner, report says

In blatant defiance of Turkish law, Erdogan distributes cash to supporters amid elections

Presidential ambitions for Iran’s security head Shamkhani as he exits office

How will Iran’s foreign and security policies change under new security chief?

Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince begins special visit to Malaysia

Arab unity is the main message of Jeddah Declaration, as summit ends

Sharm El-Sheikh to host Egypt’s 58th annual meetings of AfDB starting Monday

Bahrain restores diplomatic relations with Lebanon