The popularity of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, got a boost in Kaduna on Tuesday as several Northern Nigerian youths embarked on a solidarity walk in his favor.

The youths, who represent different organizations called on Peter Obi with enthusiasm and hope towards his campaign with great expectation of birthing a new Nigeria, where the security of lives and property could be guaranteed against what they are currently experiencing.

“Nigerian youths are looking forward to Peter Obi replicating what he did when he served as Anambra State Governor between 2006-2014 across the country.” said Victor Ododo, the Spokesman of Northern Nigerian Youth Support Group.

According to Ododo, “As you know, Nigerian youths are no longer talking about PDP or APC. See us in our numbers, registering for our permanent voter’s card across the country as “Obi-dient” Nigerians and we want everyone to know that we are for him come 2023.

He continued stating “He is a father, a precision economist, a role model in terms of quality and representative leadership. He has done well as a two-term governor of Anambra state and of course, we want him to replicate what he did then across the country starting from 2023.”

When Ododo was asked, if he could confidently speak about Peter Obi’s integrity as a Politician, he replied stating “This is a man who has a lot of people of northern extraction who worked closely with him in Anambra. We knew he has built integrity for himself which a good number of northern leaders have attested to.”

It seems as though the fame of this one time Anambra State Governor in Nigeria is trickling down to the grass root and becoming a strong household name in Nigeria, even among the Northern Nigerian youths that would normally remain adamant towards voting a Southern Candidate.

Ododo went further to extend an invitation to Peter Obi, calling on him to visit Kaduna and become a beacon of light to so many youths.

“We are looking at how we can invite Peter Obi to come and talk to the northern youths about why we should give him our support even though we are not blind to his political and economic antecedents.

“We want to remind our fellow Nigerians that Nepotism and favoritism have been our headache. But, we are saying no to such this time around. Even though someone from his region described him as a “stingy” man, we want him. What have those that are not “stingy” done to improve our situation as a people and as a country. This is just a 1,000 match for him. “

“So, we are tired of the insecurity. We are tired of the poverty which our brothers and sisters have been subjected to over the years. This is why we are taking this upon ourselves to converge in Kaduna the heart of Northern Nigeria to make it clear that Peter Obi is our candidate come 2023 by the grace of God.

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