Gag order on Donald Trump reinstated by New York Court

On Thursday (November 30), a New York court put back a gag order that forbids former US president Donald Trump…

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Hamas releases hostage in Gaza, Russia expresses gratitude.

Kremlin confirms Putin will give a speech to the nation on December 14, as presidential campaign nears

DeSantis and Newsom will participate in a debate with Sean Hannity as the moderator.

Man Sentenced for Election-Related Threats Toward Georgia Public Officials

South Korean leader begins landmark trip to UK; As two nations seek to enhance their relationship

Former tantric sex coach who converses with his dead dog is Argentina’s new president

Bangladesh is in a Political Mess: As 139 Opposition Officials and activists are convicted.

As Americans worry about age, Joe Biden celebrates 81st birthday; 77-year-old Trump also under age scrutiny

New York civil fraud case against Donald Trump continues after mistrial request denied

Counting continues in Liberia’s presidential run-off vote

Yousaf ‘beyond angry’ with MPs who refused to back ceasefire in Gaza

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