President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia had no choice but to take into account the nuclear capabilities of NATO as the U.S.-led military alliance was seeking the defeat of Russia. He asked “How can we ignore their nuclear capabilities in these conditions?”

Putin also accused the West of having “one goal: to disband the former Soviet Union and its fundamental part — the Russian Federation.”

The NATO and the West dismiss such narrative, saying their objective is to help Ukraine defend itself against an unprovoked attack.

Putin also accused NATO members of taking part in the Ukraine conflict by donating arms to the country.

“They are sending tens of billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine. This really is participation,” Putin said in an interview with the Rossia-1 channel aired on February 26.

Putin made his remarks on the sidelines of a patriotic concert in Moscow on February 23 on the eve of the first anniversary of the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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