Vancouver is one of three Canadian cities where Uber is set to introduce a ride-sharing option, a move being touted as a more sustainable and affordable option for customers.

In a media release Sunday, the ride-hailing giant said its new UberX Share option will launch later this week and will incentivize drivers and riders alike to choose an option akin to carpooling.

“We know affordability plays a role when people are making decisions on how to get from point A to B,” said Michael van Hemmen, General Manager of Uber Canada Mobility in the statement.

‘We’re committed to providing sustainable, shared alternatives to the personal car and UberX Share is our newest way for people to be part of the climate solution,” the media release continues.

For riders, Uber says choosing to share will result in savings of up to 20 per cent per trip. Drivers will get an extra dollar each time they pick up an extra passenger and the company says that the fares collected will generally be higher because shared trips are longer. It’s estimated that choosing this option adds about six minutes to each trip.

The sharing option can only be requested by people booking a trip from within the City of Vancouver and part of Burnaby, but destinations are not limited by these borders.

The sharing option is a “revamped” version of UberPool, which was offered in Toronto before being put on pause due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

“Shared rides have long been a rider favourite, from the spontaneous singalongs to meeting new friends and other fun chance encounters. We believe UberX Share, and the improvements we’ve made for drivers and riders, will make it better than ever,” says the statement form the company.

An exact launch date was not provided. The service will also be available in Montreal and Toronto.

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