Imagine you return from a nice vacation, are happy and content that your escape from everyday cycle was a fulfilling one. You unpack your suitcase planning to unpack many souvenirs you bought and all that pops out is 18 scorpions. It is not known whether a woman in Austria was thinking about souvenirs she bought from her Croatia vacation (if she indeed buy) but 18 scorpions saw light of the day nonetheless, when she opened her suitcase.

Newsweek reported that the woman lives in Natternbach in Austria, a city close to Linz. The 18 scorpions included a mother scorpion and her babies.

The woman, surely scared as hell, managed to take a picture of the arachnids and call Tierhilfe Gusental, an animal rescue service who made a Facebook post in German.

“This afternoon we were contacted by a lady from Natternbach because blind passengers had settled in their luggage on their Croatia trip,” says the FB post.

New York Post has reported that there are plans to send the animals to Croatia, their native country. 

This is reportedly third case of Croatian scorpions ending up in Austria. A woman in Linz found a scorpion in her apartment last month. The scary part is that the woman had been home for three weeks after her trip abroad before she discovered the scorpion.

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