It’s been a rough start for the President from his first day in the white House; the fight against Covid-19 wasn’t that easy, January 6th riots at the Capitol, numerous trips across the globe and finally receiving an annual physical exam and routine colonoscopy then temporarily transferring Presidential power to Harris; Oh! What a journey though the year.

Biden enters this thanksgiving in grand style, as he stopped by DC Central Kitchen to thank Volunteers helping in preparing meals for the community. This President is built for this season, won several trials at hands of his opponents and still blazes with strength as ever before. We believe Biden might have had a rough start but definitely, he is making something good out of the storm. America is becoming better and stronger than ever before.

Despite the political differences in our nation today; Biden is strongly showing this one truth “AMERICA IS FOR ALL” and most of all He is the President of ALL AMERICANS and not a specific political party. Republicans or Democrats; The Infrastructural Bill was a win-win for everyone. Happy Thanksgiving season for all; AMERICA FIRST.

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